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Meeting My Illusion

Life in a city for "just out of college and dragged into work guy" is never a complete picture it has its shades of despair and loneliness.It is never short of constant endeavors to make the ends hold on for a while where there are instances of withdrawal from reality. Some draw the lines in the corridors of "smoke and liquor" and still find their resounding loneliness sensible.
But there happens to be one of the greatest inventions of man in this modern age: ”The social networking”, and I beg for the acceptance of this fact. Stuck to a window of an Internet connection, a faceless, nameless voyager who just finds making new friends like discovering intelligent life in his vacillating space of loneliness meaningful enough. So as far as this goes; I seem to be content with a protagonist being just like me and you. So he's known as Fred, a humble guy who in some minuscule ways always finds his life miserable ubiquitously and still struggles with inner acceptance …

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